Everyone Expect the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Natural to Arrive

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Everyone Expect the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Natural to Arrive

After YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 Abez was first exposed at the end of May this year, the actual appearance of the shoes was quickly revealed every other month. The design of the whole shoes is similar, and the whole is shown in light colors. The biggest difference is the texture direction of the Primeknit woven fabric on the upper. , With the side translucent fabric brush strips and the bright light yellow BOOST midsole to create a level. After a few months, in order to avoid touching the Bible and causing controversy, this shoe was also officially launched under the name "Natural". After all, at the end of August, Muslims boycotted the two colors of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 "Israfil" and "Asriel" Storm.

After the raid and sale of the "Jason Voorhees" work based on Staple Pigeon, the artist Warren Lotas was formally sued by Nike for "plagiarizing Nike SB Dunk Low". Earlier this year, Warren Lotas decided to reproduce the Nike SB design of "Jason Voorhees" that was not commercially available in 2007, using the colors of "Heineken", "Stüssy Cherry", and "Staple Pigeon". Dunk Low styles are customized for reference. These designs have aroused heated discussion on social media. Many people call these designs just "plagiarism" and question the copyright they hold.

According to reports, New Drop Jordans stated in a document filed with the Los Angeles District Court that the shoes sold by Warren Lotas are "confusingly very similar" to their iconic Dunk shoes, and that Warren Lotas' actions prompted people to buy non-genuine ones. Nike Dunk shoes. Nike said: "Warren Lotas deliberately confuses the audience. He is trying to use Nike's registered Dunk trademark and confusing and extremely similar look to promote and sell his fakes." Elsewhere in the legal document, Nike emphasized the introduction. The historical evolution of Dunk and its previous partners, such as Jeff Staple x Nike Dunk Low "Pigeon" which was referenced by Warren Lotas this time.

Through the lawsuit, Latest Jordan 2020 hopes to protect its intellectual property rights and demonstrate the legality of the Warren Lotas design, claiming that it has caused irreparable harm to Nike’s business and that the damage to its reputation will continue until Lotas’s " The infringement of "illegal fakes" is stopped. Nike asked Warren Lotas to compensate three times the losses and to reimburse litigation and attorney fees from the sale of Warren Lotas. Finally, Nike hopes that Warren Lotas will hand over shoes, clothing, digital files, packaging, printed patterns, marketing materials, business cards, signs, labels, advertisements, flyers, press releases, or any other items that confuse people.